The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Have you ever stayed in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore? If you haven’t been there, then you should plan one. This remarkable Fullerton Hotel is a grand neoclassical building that was built in 1928. This building plays many important roles in Singapore’s history. You can just google it. I will not tell you everything because I am not your history teacher. LOL

I am here to tell you about how amazing the hotel is and how to make a booking. Once you google for Fullerton Hotel, you will read lots of superb reviews. And it will make you really want to come and experience it by yourself.

Easy! Have a Booking hotel. You can use Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers to get the best deal. That is the right answer of course. Promise me that this is our secret. ^^

The Fullerton’s Offers

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Every hotel has its own offer. I can say that The Fullerton Hotel provides us with a better offer. “Exquisite dining experiences, bespoke luxury, and a stay to remember.” This is their line. Just by reading this line, I can feel the best experience there.

When I mention 1928, don’t ever think about old-style rooms. You will be surprised by its elegant and luxurious rooms. The hotel also offers you great views of the Singapore River or Marina Bay. You can choose which panorama will relax your eyes.

This hotel is ready to serve you lots of yummy foods. I believe that Cantonese dim sum and tea will never fail. I, myself, will never say no to dim sum. I love dim sum to the bone. I can skip rice but not with dim sum. I reckon, most people will say the same.

Another secret for you, that we can enjoy dim sum and afternoon tea and also try other delicious vegetarian creations. So, if you are a vegetarian, come to this place. Not only that, various menus from around the world are ready to serve. Just come and enjoy.

How to Book

I don’t know if some of you really need this information, but I still will tell you how. You can directly go to its website actually, but mine is simple. I love to use the Traveloka app or you can go to the Traveloka website as well. You choose any of them.

Create an account if you don’t have one. I have my account already, so I will just log in.

Just as easy as you do other online reservations, you can use the search bar and type: Fullerton Hotel Singapore. There you go.

You will see the hotel along with all of the facilities and room types. Choose the one that suits you. Don’t forget to apply for the Rediscovers Vouchers. Continue the stage one by one until the confirmation page. Make sure that all of your identity and the details of your reservation are correct.

Last but not the least, you check for the payment information. You can use your credit balance or simply transfer the money to the specified account from Traveloka.

If you have done the payment, just wait for the SMS to your phone. For me, SMS comes first then an email comes later. In our email, we will get the attachment of the invoice. Done.

Don’t forget to set up your reminder about your holiday planning.

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